Honor and Empower.

We are the Pennsylvania Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network.

The Pennsylvania Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network, or PAIRWN, was created to honor and enhance the lives of refugee and immigrant women in Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to help refer, advocate, network, educate, and empower these women to live to their fullest potential.

We also strive to educate the broader community about our cultures and our contributions to American society.


BILIGUAL LIFE CAOCH /ADVICATE: The Pennsylvania Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network honors and enhances the lives of refugee and immigrant women. The focus on our current program is on helping the survivors of sexual assault, stalking, and domestic/dating violence enhance their autonomy through personalized life coaching, referrals, and peer support. We are looking for diverse people to guide these women, in their languages, whenever possible, to enhance their strengths and improve their life skills so they can function effectively and thrive in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Preference will be given to women who speak the most prominent languages of our clients – Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Swahili, etc. – and who are past-victims of sexual assault and domestic violence or have worked with these populations in the past. We are providing a mandatory 3 day life coach training on hire and are looking for mentors who are eager to support these women in discovering their strengths and resilience while providing crucial information and research based tools to these clients. Having excellent people and communication skills and a willingness to learn and continue training are required of all applicants. This is per appointment, on as needed, basis job opportunity.

Interested professionals please view the full job description and send resume and cover letter to pairwn@pairwn.org

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