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Our President and Founder, Ho-Thanh Nguyen, discussed our community and its needs along side other panel speakers at the Asian American Symposium in Harrisburg on July 29, 2018. Here is a clip.[0]=33.%7B%22logging_data%22%3A%7B%22page_id%22%3A1532781120308023%2C%22event_type%22%3A%22clicked_all_page_posts%22%2C%22impression_info%22%3A%22eyJmIjp7InBhZ2VfaWQiOiIxNTMyNzgxMTIwMzA4MDIzIiwiaXRlbV9jb3VudCI6IjAifX0%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22www_pages_home%22%2C%22interacted_story_type%22%3A%22565413710334575%22%2C%22session_id%22%3A%22a9652807a0a5472af4f3ca9b88bc5750%22%7D%7D

We hosted our Grand Opening of our new Office Space on July 18, 2018. Here are a few articles detailing the highlights of the event. 

Living Legacy by Highmark: Ho-Thanh Nguyen. This is a full interview of our founder. Feel free to spread the word about PAIRWN by showing this to your group.

Our Story Circle is at the heart of our work. Our Honorary Advisor, Amy Skillman explains why it is so empowering to be a part of this initiative. Essay: Courage, Motherhood, and the Act of Leaving by Amy Skillman

Women of PAIRWN wanted to allow teachers and students to be a part of the exhibit, Our Voices: Immigrant and Refugee Women Share Their Stories. They have worked with the Institute of Cultural Partnerships to make the exhibit student focused. Here are a few resources to help educate our middle school students.

Student Workbook – our voices for students
Teacher Resource – Our Voices – teacher1

Using Oral History and Ethnography for Social Activism by Amy Skillman is about our Story Circles, Interviews, and Coming to America in the 21st Century Play. You will need to register with the Academia to view this. To view PAIRWN’s story look at pages 25-29.

Magnificent Healing: Sustaining Health Dignity for Women in Diaspora by Amy Skillman is a version of our Magnificent Healing Play. Each time new women join in by sharing their own stories.

Amy Skillman’s article points to the power of personal narrative in the cultural and social interactions of newcomer immigrant and refugee women. Women bond over similar experience and challenges they face in their new communities, and together, they are learning how to lessen their alienation and build self-confidence.
Promising Practices in Social and Cultural Interaction

Do you want to learn more about a women who has started it all? Here is a good article to read.

PAIRWN women collaborate with Central Pennsylvania Women’s Choirs “Land of Our Dreams” Concert, performed in Spring of 2007. The program consisted of songs performed by the chorus, interspersed with these spoken reflections by members of PAIRWN.

Thinking about joining PAIRWN? When you do, your whole family becomes a keeper of the mission of helping the newcomers succeed.

PAIRWN started a newsletter to keep the women abreast of the happenings in the community. Here is one version of the newsletter, Our Voices, that is moving to electronic format in the near future.
our voice newsletter1